2015-2023 (CELISCA's NEWS)

Wissenschaftsstandort Ostdeutschland 33 Jahre nach der Wiedervereinigung
2015-2023 (CELISCA's NEWS) · 07. July 2023
33 Jahre erfolgreiche Entwicklung der Wissenschaftslandschaft in Ostdeutschland - unter diesem Motto hatte der Ministerpräsident des Freistaates Sachsen und Vorsitzender der Konferenz der ostdeutschen Regierungschefs - Michael Kretschmer - zu einer Diskussionsrunde eingeladen. Dabei wurde nicht nur das Erreichte diskutiert, sondern auch Herausforderungen für eine weitere erfolgreiche Entwicklung des Wissenschaftsstandortes Ostdeutschland thematisiert.

Automating the Sample Preparation of Protein Digests on Biomek i7 using Positive Pressure Extraction
2015-2023 (CELISCA's NEWS) · 20. June 2023
Automation can significantly speed up the sample preparation of protein digests. At the Center for Life Science Automation, purification of this sample type was automated using EVOTIPs (Evosep, Odense, Denmark) on a Biomek i7 Liquid Handler Platform (Beckman, Indianapolis, USA) in combination with an adapted Positive Pressure Extractor. The system enables the processing of up to 5 sample boxes.

Introducing MOLAR - Mobile Laboratory Robot
2015-2023 (CELISCA's NEWS) · 27. May 2023
celisca is happy to welcome new employees. Our Mobile Laboratory Robots - MOLAR - take over the transport of samples and labware in highly distributed laboratories in complex workflows.

Panel Discussion on safety aspects of cobots and mobile robots at FutureLabsLive Basel
2015-2023 (CELISCA's NEWS) · 20. May 2023
PaneL: Bringing cobots and mobile robots into our labs - are we safe? FutureLabsLive Basel 02.06.2023, 10:30 am

celisca at SLAS Europe in Brussels
2015-2023 (CELISCA's NEWS) · 20. May 2023
Liquid handling is an essential part of a wide variety of laboratory processes. Currently, there is an increasing demand for applications, e.g. in diagnostics, quality control or materials research. As part of the lecture 'Where is more than NGS - New Applications using Liquid Handling Platform', the Center for Life Science Automation (Rostock) will present current and future questions and applications in the field of liquid handling

celisca at ICICS
2015-2023 (CELISCA's NEWS) · 19. May 2023
ICISC 2023 aims to bring together researchers and scientists from academia, industry, and government laboratories to present new results and identify future research directions in Images, Signals, and Computing. M. Sc. S.-J. Burgdorf will present our latest developments in the field of automated crystallization monitoring for material research.

celisca at SACI 2023
2015-2023 (CELISCA's NEWS) · 19. May 2023
The IEEE 17th International Symposium on Applied Computational Intelligence and Informatics (SACI 2023) will be held on May 23-26, 2023 in Timisoara, Romania. Prof. M. F. R. Al-Okby will present recent developments in the area of indoor gas monitoring for life science laboratories.

celisca at I2MTC 2023 in Kuala Lumpur
2015-2023 (CELISCA's NEWS) · 07. May 2023
The I2MTC - International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference - is the flagship conference of the IEEE Instrumentation Measurement Society. The conference is dedicated to emerging topics and advances in measurement methodologies, measurement systems, instrumentation and sensors in all areas of science and technology. CELISCA is contributing a special topic regarding quality assurance in sample preparation for compound oriented measurement problems:

celisca at Wiley Analytical Science Conference 2023
2015-2023 (CELISCA's NEWS) · 01. April 2023
For the 6th time, the WAS Virtual Conference assembles researchers and industry professionals to discuss the most recent advancements in science and industry.

2015-2023 (CELISCA's NEWS) · 10. March 2023
What are the trends in Laboratory Automation and Liquid Handling? Where will the journey in Life Science lead? What new and groundbreaking technologies will come to life in LabTech in the future? In a 2-day workshop leading innovators from academia and industry will discuss questions about the future of laboratory automation

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