Innovation @ Competence

Mobile Robots in Labs

Mobile robots are new in lab environments - these areas are structural variable and sophisticated. Mobile agents can fill the gap between different ambient conditions in different lab types and they can support the human operator and lab technician.


Smart Single Tube Workflows

Design and Development of an automated tube storage as a liquid handling workstation direct integration including internal temperature control, tube identification, liquid properties identification and more smart functions like capping / decapping.

Systems Integration - Robots @ Liquid Handler

Integration of new  higher sophisticated robots and actuator systems into laboratory automation lines with the scope on flexibility in system process definition, ease of operation and integration of transport functions as well as manipulation functions at a time

Multi Degree of Freedom Automation

Doing labwork close to the human's operation. For some processes this is a need to fulfill the needs of existing SOPs evaluated and certified by standard organizations. In this case more DOFs in the managing robots are required - i.e. in Dual Arm robots. Here also a special software environment is needed to build efficient workflow control.

Automated Preanalytical Sample Preparation

Accelerating analyses can be done by new and robust methods for sample prep - filtering, derivatisations can be performed in parallel. CELISCA is looking for new ways to eliminate with automated tools complex matrix structures in different types of  biological and chemical samples in a wide variety of applications. 

High Throughput Analytics

The obvious way to enhance throughput is to accellerate measurement processes. Unfortunately for structural elucidation and elemental composition data this usually requires preanalytical separation technologies. CELISCA develops ultrafast methods without pre-separations 

Multiparametric Sensor/Actuator Systems @ Life Science Automation

Multiple processes and applications require multi-parametric data acquisition and handling. CELISCA works to find solutions for environmental problems as well as for air and space applications.

Automated Cell Handling Systems

Efficient tools for Cell Culturing are subjects of CELISCAs research efforts. Beside adherent 2D-cell culturing also non-adherent cell systems and 3D-cell systems are of increased interest.

IoT @ Life Science Automation

Embedded Systems help to make Industry 4.0 happen. CELISCA works in the field of medical applications to design new systems for personalized data management solutions.