Enhancing Capabilities of Liquid Handling Platforms
2015-2024 (CELISCA's NEWS) · 22. May 2024
Today, 24/7 automation of laboratory processes often fails due to the limited space that classic laboratory automation systems such as liquid handlers offer. The number of samples to be processed varies greatly depending on the labware required. Capacity can be expanded by integrating interface robots. These enable samples and labware to be fed to the automation system as well as the removal of used labware and processed samples. Our video shows how ....

celisca at SLAS Europe 2024
2015-2024 (CELISCA's NEWS) · 22. May 2024
Are you tired of always running out of space on your liquid handler? That too few samples can be processed? At celisca we have developed appropriate solutions to expand the capacity and functionality of liquid handlers through the use of interface robots and mobile robots. We will present our current solution at SLAS Europe 2024 in Barcelona.

CELISCA at IEEE I2MTC 2024 in Glasgow
2015-2024 (CELISCA's NEWS) · 20. May 2024
CELISCA contributed to the annual flagship conference in Instrumentation and Measurement IEEE I2MTC 2024 in Glasgow -Scotland with 2 emerging topics in the field of process related measurement and automation technologies.

Accelerating Discovery in Natural Science Laboratories with AI and Robotics
2015-2024 (CELISCA's NEWS) · 04. May 2024
celisca will be included in a full-day Workshop on Accelerating Discovery in Natural Science Laboratories with AI and Robotics at the ICRA 2024 in Yokohama, Japan. Large-scale, high-throughput experiments and big data are becoming fundamental for scientific discoveries. New discoveries are time-consuming and costly; hence, laboratory automation based on robotics and AI aim to shorten and reduce these factors.

Yaskawa treibt Robotik für Laborautomation mit Universität Rostock voran
2015-2024 (CELISCA's NEWS) · 17. April 2024
Mit dem CELISCA (Center for Life Science Automation) der Universität Rostock hat YASKAWA Europe eine Fortführung der Kooperation vereinbart, um gemeinsam #Roboter-Lösungen fürs Labor zu entwickeln. Als einer der ersten europäischen Anwender überhaupt wird CELISCA (Center for Life Science Automation) ein Robotermodell der neuen Hygienic-Design-Serie einsetzen: den Motoman HD8.

Best Paper Award
2015-2024 (CELISCA's NEWS) · 17. April 2024
Our review paper "Deep Learning for Visual SLAM in Transportation Robotics: A review” been selected as the winner of Best Paper Award 2019. The Best Paper Award recognizes an outstanding survey, review, or tutorial paper that has been published in Transportation Safety and Environment within the years of 2019-2022, and is of broad significance and potential long-term impact.

2. Platz im 34. Landeswettbewerb Jugend Forscht für Team des ISG
2015-2024 (CELISCA's NEWS) · 21. March 2024
Im 34. Landeswettbewerb "Jugend forscht" konnte das Team von Julia Palent und Tim Zastrow mit einer Arbeit zur Automatisierten Aufreinigung von Antikörpern einen beachtlichen 2. Platz in der Kategorie Biologie erringen. Wir gratulieren recht herzlich und wünschen den beiden Jungforschern vom ISG Rostock alles Gute für die Zukunft.

Interface Robots in Automated Analysis
2015-2024 (CELISCA's NEWS) · 10. March 2024
Combining interface robots and mobile robots can achieve full automation in distributed laboratories with changing applications and requirements. Metal content examination of samples is now fully automated with ICP/MS using mobile robots and interface robots.

smartlab.network lecture 21.02.2024
2015-2024 (CELISCA's NEWS) · 21. February 2024
On Wednesday Feb. 21 16h CET Kerstin will talk about "Automation Strategies or how to find the right Concept for your Automation Project?" presenting different automation concepts in exemplarily applications. Everyone is welcome to join in our smartlab lecture room https://lnkd.in/ec7QR7T3.

Prof. Al-Okby is joining the celisca team
2015-2024 (CELISCA's NEWS) · 06. January 2024
Prof. Dr. Mohammed Faeik Ruzaij Al-Okby from Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, Technical Institute of Babylon (Iraq) will join the team at the Center for Life Science Automation as a Senior Scientist from January 2024. His research is directly related to the ERC project "Autonomous Development of Advanced Materials - ADAM". celisca warmly welcomes Prof. Al-Okby and wishes him success in his research.

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